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Steel Squat Stands - “The Captain”

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"The Captain" Bolt Together Steel Squat Stands.

We offer two types of stands: one with two standalone stands optimized for space saving and one with a connecting bar as stabilizer that holds the two stands together. 

The ultimate space saver home gym set up that can be used for the squat, press, and bench press. Each stand is 36lbs making it easy to move around and store in tight areas.  We have tested the stands up to 750lbs. 


Each stand is 72" tall with a  16" x 30" base. 

With the Stabilizer the squat stands are 54" wide. (Inside width 43"

Holes begin 7" from the top of the stand and are spaced every 3" until 11" from the bottom. There are (18) total throughout the rack.

Barbell Bolts (pins for barbell) are 3/4" x 6" long with a 1" washer for the bar stop. (2) are included with purchase.

J-Hooks with UHMW plastic are available as a variant. 

(16) bolts (included with purchase) required for assembly, 14mm or 5/8".

Built in Orange County California with USA Steel. 


We ship this item throughout the Continental US using UPS ground.

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