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American Leather Weightlifting Belt - " The Duty Belt"

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The Strength Co. 10mm "Duty Belt" is a handmade multi-ply lifting belt made with all American products. Everything about this belt is American - from the leather down to the rivets. This belt is 100% American products, hand made in Southern California.

- Available in both 3" and 4" variants

- Constructed with 13-15oz USA saddle skirting

- Outer layers fabricated from top grade black USA suede.

- Robust USA stitching and USA industrial rivets ensure performance and longevity.

- Each belt is sized and personalized to your specifications, with made-to-order loop/keeper options available.

- Built one at a time with knives, mallets, and a hand-cranked sewing machine. Methods we believe ensure quality and attention to detail in the construction of each order. 

Upon ordering your belt will immediately go into production as soon as we receive your waist size and then be available for shipping within 5 business days.  Loop keeper is customizable.


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